I got my first Tarot deck when I was 11, it was the Marseilles mini deck from my Mum and Dad for Christmas, I wish it had spoken to me but the imagery remained staunchly aloof. Over the years the deck has disappeared from me but my interests has remained. I recently decided to get a new deck and was delighted at the vast improvement in the range of themes and variations of artwork over that past 25 years. I fell in love with the beautiful Wild Wood Tarot deck however while awaiting it's arrival learned that it was a Druidic based deck which lends itself to the more advanced reader. I then stumbled across the Anna K Tarot, whose symbols and scenes seemed so clear and obvious to me that I wanted to use this deck too. The first things I've noticed between the two decks is that the less desirable outcomes of the suit of swords in the Anna K has been transformed by the Wild Wood into a sunnier disposition... and I'm wondering what what motivates the decision to radically deviate from the original meaning is the first place (don't get me wrong I'm intrigued by the ambiguity). Can anyone recommend a book or resource that deals with this question or offer their opinion as I'd like to hear about it :)

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Comment by Lily Oak on April 27, 2015 at 7:58

There seems to be a bit of a UK/US divide when it comes to the Swords suit, lol. A lot of US readers/decks seem to have it in a negative aspect, but I find less US readers read inverted cards, so this could be why. As always though go with your gut instinct when reading the cards. Don't forget Full Members have access to our online tarot courses.

Comment by Enid Eve on April 27, 2015 at 9:48

Ooph that's sort of a relief to know, I must say I was worried by the harshness of the Anna K meanings after getting the Nine of Swords in the future position of a 3 card reading for "Career advice" in my very first reading... (but it was just a mobile app and not actual physical cards so I'm not sure I completely trust it!) I'll definitely look into the full membership when I've found my feet a little bit, I loved your kindle book 'Witchery' so much I bought 'Quick & Easy Tarot' too and I'm really looking forward to getting into it :)

Comment by Lily Oak on May 1, 2015 at 9:17

Quick & Easy Tarot is used as the text book for the Tarot Courses, so if you already have it you'll be a few steps ahead anyway. I'm glad you liked the books, the next one is a bit of a heavier read... and has had release date delayed twice due to my inability to stop research lol.

Comment by Enid Eve on May 2, 2015 at 16:47

Eep! I' really enjoyed your books and found them supremely useful, I'm positive the next one will be even better :D

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