Plants form an integral part of magic. They can be used to decorate places and alters, they can be turned into incense or burnt as smudge sticks.

In an ideal world we would all grow and harvest our own herbs, or forage for wild ones our self. If you do decide to go down the route of growing your own I would recommend using a book such as ‘Gardening and Planting by The Moon…’ in order to gain maximum magical energy in them. If you decide to collect plants and herbs from the wild please be respectful of where you collect them from and give something back, collect seed pods from that area and scatter them to help the area grow.

It is unlikely that you will be able to grow or collect everything you wish to use yourself, in these cases please use a reputable online retailer that stocks from organic sustainable sources.

Listed below are my favourites and what I used them for. The magical correspondences given are a good reflection of the generally accepted ones, however as with everything in magic, there will be variations for everyone. As always the more you practice the more you will get a feel for what works best for you.

Birch - Starting anew, clearing away unwanted past influences and offering protection to new ventures.

Borage - Courage, power and strength, particularly psychic strength.

Buttercup - Wealth and abundance, making a risk pay off.

Calendula - Associated with death rites and psychic development.

Cardamom - Love, lust, passion and sex.

Copal - Purification and cleansing.

Coriander - Can be added to red wine for simple lust potion.

Dogwood - Silence and protecting secrets.

Dragons Blood - Power, energy, strength and determination. Love and sex. Protection and cleansing. Can be added to any other element to add potency to spells.

Eyebright - Insight, thinking clearly and psychic work.

Fennel - Protection and purification.

Fir Needles - Change, new beginnings, progress, birth and re-birth

Frankincense - Meditation, visions and spiritual growth. Blessing, protection and purification. Love, courage and healing.

Gardenia - Harmony, peace and love.

Ginger - Courage, sex, love and money.

Hawthorn - Fertility, sex and new beginnings. Use in spells for personal growth and in love spells for finding your soul mate.

Hazel - Can grant wishes. Knowledge and wisdom.

Heather - Good luck and spiritual development.

Hops - Sleep, healing and exorcism.

Holly - Protection and strength.

Honeysuckle - Moving on in life, intuitiveness. Increases sexuality.

Ivy - Marriage and fidelity. Protection.

Jasmine - Sex, love and romance. Prophetic visions and dreams. Also used to represent or invoke the moon.

Jericho Flowers - Re-birth, re-kindling love or friendship.

Lavender - Used by women to attract love. Peace, joy and healing.

Mastic - Increase transcendental abilities, psychic ability and clairvoyance.

Meadowsweet - Spells for female issues or involving a bride.

Mugwort - Psychic dreams and visions, Astral projection, lucid dreaming. Protection, strength and healing.

Myrtle - Concentration.

Nettles - Protection, purification and exorcism. Can help in turning a negative situation into a positive one. Recovery after emotional ordeal.

Nutmeg - Energy and good luck. Protection and breaks hexes.

Oak - Healing, protection and strength. Knowledge, intuition and channelling energies. Increases male sexuality and fertility. Helps to increase your social circle.

Osha Root - Wards off and dispels evil.

Palo Santo - Avoiding misfortune, calming and ridding of negative energies.

Parsley - Visions, spells affecting animals and pregnancy related spells.

Peony - Repelling negative energies.

Peppermint - Psychic ability and visionary dreams.

Primrose - Peacefulness, calm and increases creativity and beauty.

Rose - Increase compassion, empathy, beauty and love. Reduces selfish behaviour, promotes a positive domestic atmosphere, brings joy and happiness.

Rowan Berries - Increase magical power.

Rue - Use for protection whilst entering psychic visions, astral projection or contacting spirits. Also used to protect a home from illness.

Saffron - Lifts your spirits and creates a positive attitude.

Sage - Wisdom, longevity, healing and protection.

Salt - Used in consecrations and blessings. Powerful tool for protection and exorcism.

Sandalwood - Sex, meditation and spirituality.

Solomon’s seal - Very affective addition to love potions.

Spruce needles - Cleansing, fresh beginnings.

St Johns Wart - Protection, courage and success in disputes.

Storax - Clears negative atmospheres and thoughts, promotes peaceful sleep.

Sulphur - Breaks or prevents curses and hexes, diminishes a enemy’s power over you.

Vervain - Insight and visions.

Willow - Use in any spell involving emotions. Helps direct magic and block out stray or background energies. Psychic work.

Wormwood - Reduces anger and other negative emotional responses.

Yew - Re- generation and recovery. Contacting lost friends and family.

For further reading on this I would highly recommend ‘Encyclopaedia of Magical Herbs’ by Scott Cunningham.

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Comment by Serenity Wilde on April 2, 2015 at 23:07

Love this, I've always wanted to know about plants different meanings and uses. x 

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