Candles are a staple tool of any magical practitioner and candle magic is a wonderfully simple way to cast spells. When I first started practicing witchcraft it was the first type of spell I learnt. It is also very easy to personalise, and after all if we can’t personally connect with the spell we are casting then it is unlikely to be successful. The use of candles can also be incorporated into larger rituals, in fact I can’t remember being at any ritual that didn’t include candles in some way shape or form.

Firstly you need to select a candle in an appropriate colour, colour correspondences will differ for everyone you may get a different set of energies from one colour than most people do, use what feels right for you. Below is a list of the more commonly used correspondences;

White - Healing, Peace, Clarity, Clearing.

Black - Banishing, Ending negativity, Stopping destructive forces.

Pink - Empowerment, Happiness, Joy, Healing loved ones, Ending conflicts.

Red - Empowerment, Passion, Strength, Courage, Control, Protection.

Purple - Psychic visions.

Dark Blue - Psychic awareness and dreams.

Light Blue - Healing, Protection.

Yellow - Energizing, Mental stimulation.

Orange - Energizing, Physical stimulation.

Green - Prosperity, Abundance, Career, Money, Fertility.

Once you have your candle you need charge it with what you wish to happen, again there are many different ways to do this but often the easiest one to start with is by writing on the candle what you would like the outcome of the spell to be. Another thing that is often effective in candle magic is dressing the candle with oil. There are hundreds of essential oils out there, each with a different set of magical make-up. Either pick one specific to the type of spell you are casting or go for something like Frankincense, which is often used generally for meditations, and will assist in your visualization of your desired outcome. Then, sit quietly and visualize what you have asked for happening as clearly as you can. Lots of people struggle to visualize clearly without their mind wandering.

Try to use your own individual strengths for spell casting. If you like art, draw a representation of your desired outcome. If you write poetry write a poem about your desired outcome, etc. Now light the candle, as you watch it burn visualize what you have written rising with the flame and floating of into the world and trust that what you have asked for will be granted to you.

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