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Autumnal Equinox Ritual

I went to the Tree Circle where I had last met with the Kith of the Earthen Star for the Blue Moon Ritual as I really felt the need to mark the passing into a new season very strongly.

I did the normal steps of clearing the space, cleansing , cast a circle, called the quarters, etc.  I gave thanks for past wishes granted and for the bounty of harvest which seemed appropriate for this time of year. In particular I thought of Autumnus and Pan and acknowledged those who's names were yet…


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The Conjouring Stone of Hollows Hole

About a month ago I learned about the local tale of the Witch of Hollow Hole who was :

A field adjoining the site of the mansion is still known by the name of Chapel-garth. A short distance from Chapel-garth in a hollow place, is a large stone called the "conjuring stone." In the days of superstition and witches, a troubled ghost supposed to be

'Doom'd for a certain time to walk the night,

And for the day confin'd to fast in fires;

Till the foul crimes…

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Paganism.. made up off the cuff?

Review in response to this - Min 2:55  https://goo.gl/GrhI6h

Is paganism really made up on the spot, invented off-the-cuff? That's not what it means to me. My understanding of paganism is thousands of years old with traditions and inherited information not only passed down through history and through my ancestors, but that expands my own experiences in nature and in life. I taker her point about challenging the idea that a religion is less than…


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Scrying for the first time

So I had a go at scrying for the first time last night. It's something I've been wanting to try for the last , ooh 25 years or so... I've had this book called 'The Complete Fortune Teller' since about 1989 and always refereed back to it for learning about divination in it's many forms.

It's an odd little book in that it comprehensively covers nearly all forms of the craft from Tarot, Cartomancy, Numerology, Tasseology, Scrying, i-ching, ESP cards, Astrology, Chinese Astrology,…


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The Tarot Puritan?

I got my first Tarot deck when I was 11, it was the Marseilles mini deck from my Mum and Dad for Christmas, I wish it had spoken to me but the imagery remained staunchly aloof. Over the years the deck has disappeared from me but my interests has remained. I recently decided to get a new deck and was delighted at the vast improvement in the range of themes and variations of artwork over that past 25 years. I fell in love with the beautiful Wild Wood Tarot deck however while awaiting it's…


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