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If at any time you feel you are unhappy with a service provided by Hedge-Witchery you are able to instigate our complaints procedure. - Step 1: Contact us via the contact form outlining the natu… View »

Reading Witches Stones

I feel Witches Stones, also known as Witches Runes or Oracle Stones, are a good place to start. Although the stones themselves have set symbols on them, interpreting the layout and full meaning of e… View »

Book Reviews

A Witch's Mirror, by Levannah Morgan A Witch's Mirror: The Art of Making Magic offers you an overview of traditional witchcraft as practiced in Devon. The book stays away from complex and ceremonial… View »


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Pendulum Divination

Introduction Exercise: Choose/make a pendulum to use, try a few different ones and note the differences and similarities between ones that you favor and the ones that you don't. Basics Exercise: P… View »

Spellcraft and Rituals - (Articles)

Setting up an Altar Altars have many uses within witchcraft, they can be used in spells, as a way to display the turning of the Wheel of the Year, or just as a place for contemplation and meditation.… View »



Moon Phase



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