ok, the first one - "Pendulum Divination" - is up... what other topics would people like to see covered?

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You talked about Hedge Flying and the other folk that live beyond the hedge. I'm interested in these topics.

I'm going to bring back our podcasts so I can talk a bit about the other folk on there. Hedge Riding/Flying is a huge topic, but a good place to start is with guided meditations, if you want to go further from there, we have the Journeying Course available to study online. x

How about Scrying, either with a crystal ball/water/fire or other ways. I've always wanted to explore that more but didn't feel confident in what I was really doing.

There's going to be a big "Scrying Techniques" Course, but I'm going to do Tea Leaf Reading as the next mini one, which has elements of scrying technique in it. x



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